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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Can we talk?

We've got 31 days until the wedding, and yesterday afternoon the reception venue sprung a giant $3,000 "site fee" upon us. A site fee that was not planned for, budgeted for, previously discussed or mentioned. I was mad yesterday. I scrambled and am in the process of exploring other options, before I even respond to the restaurant.

By the way, WHO DOES THAT? Just springs a "oh by the way, that'll be an extra wad of cash that you don't have!" in an email? Especially when we met face to face last week, and have been speaking on the phone frequently! What. The. Hell.

Anyway, in the big scheme of things, it'll work out, and maybe even to our advantage. But in the short term, it means stress on my/our end, and a giant sense of disappointment that my extensive planning, spreadsheeting, and "save image"ing still means that with 31 days to go, we're scrambling.

The disappointment that comes with that is so deflating. We haven't picked first dance songs. The To-do list is still a mile long. Yet... I have no interest in working on it until this gets sorted out.

And dealing with the whole thing makes me sad... there are so many better ways to spend five figures of money.

Give me some advice. How do I perk up from this wedding-slump and jump start the enthusiasm again?

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  1. Um, booze? Really really good vodka?

    Hmm, maybe I can just help you narrow your wedding song down - what choices do we have?

    Ours was Tonight by Nina Gordon. Youtube it if you haven't heard it. One of my favorites.