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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wedding Band Options

I went to Seattle with DJ’s mom when we were in Castle Rock over Christmas. Since she’s doing the alterations on my dress, I wanted to figure out early what kind of underwear I’ll don under my wedding dress. And we needed to pick up DJ’s brother (and our wedding webpage designer) Brian and bring him down to CR for Christmas.

As we walked from the parking garage to Nordstrom, I spied a Tiffany’s store. Now you’re wondering how someone who is so hell bent on spending money in local stores in Bozeman can want to go in a Tiffany’s store. Well, they’ve got pretty shiny things, and I’m a sucker for those things.

Since I’m no longer in the market for an engagement ring, I browsed their wedding rings. Or rings I could use for a wedding ring. Specifically, I’ve always eyed their Celebrations line.They’re interesting, different, and it would be fun to create a stack of them over time.

…ha ha ha, did you just hear DJ fall over and die at the thought of me demanding asking for a “Celebration Ring” every time something exciting happened around our house? Usually something exciting is something that we’ve spent a lot of money on too. Nothing like asking for an expensive ring after buying a house, buying a car or having a baby. Because we’re not already broke enough!

Regardless of cost, I did ask the Tiffany girl to pull the Swing ring out of the case. I put it next to my engagement ring, and am hooked.

Tiffany Swing ring

My engagement ring is very streamlined. I love its simplicity, sturdiness, and Art Deco feel. And we’ll probably go back to the same jeweler who made it, to ask him to build my wedding band. The simplest thing would be a plain band just like the band on my ring. Maybe in a smaller width.
But that might be, I don’t know, boring?

I’ve considered adding Yogo Sapphires to a band matching my engagement ring. I like the symbolism of a Montana-mined gem tying me to DJ.

But our trip to Tiffany’s evolved the idea. My engagement ring next to the Swing ring is a very interesting juxtaposition. They play off of each other. The straight lines of my engagement ring really sets off the fluid lines of the Tiffany Swing ring. And it has an option with sapphires in it!

The Tiffany Swing ring on the bottom, paired with the Lucida band, which kind of looks like my engagement ring.

The price of a Tiffany ring, however, is not in our budget. As in, will not be, maybe ever. So my plan is to take in photos of the Tiffany ring and ask Ken the jeweler to create something similar, with Yogo Sapphires.

Did your engagement ring come with a matching wedding band? Was it a wedding set? Or did you get to create something to fit your style?

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