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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to Choose Wedding Shoes...

I live in Montana. I love fun shoes. These two sentences are often contradictory. I usually leave the house in my Bogs (LOVE),

My Bog boots, in "Autum Leaves" on the bottom. I pretty much wear them every day.

… and change into professional shoes at work.

Getting married in July means I get to wear fun shoes. I won’t have to worry about snow. And if it rains… well the whole thing is screwed if it rains, so we’re going to pretend that I’ll be sunny and beautiful!

(DJ: I don’t care if you know what my shoes for our wedding look like. Really, I don’t. You’re welcome to click the link below if you want to know in advance. The purpose of this break is to respect your wishes to not know what I’ll look like on The Big Day.)

I’ve seen the trend of brides wearing colored shoes. I like it. I mean, if I’m going to spend moolah on shoes, I want to be able to wear them again. And I have a few dresses in the sapphire blue that is our wedding color, so BAM, already have outfits for next fall planned.

Ignoring that these shoes are Manolo Blahnik's... you get the point here.

So, in the name of fun shoes I immediately went to zappos.com and narrowed my search by color (blue), size (8), and heel height (the higher the better).

And I purchased these Nina Elke stilettos in a size 8 in… let’s see, maybe late August, before our Oregon trip. They were $86, and shipping was free. They were delivered to my office 36 hours later!

Mmmmm blue satin.

And they’ve been in the guest room closet now since August. And I try them on probably once a week. I love them, I really do, buuuuttt… there are a few glitches. They’re kind of tight on my Fred Flinstone bear paw doughnut feet. I have wide feet around the toes, and it’s kind of a squish to get them into the shoes. Especially at night, when my feet are a little bigger.

HHHmmmm... kind of a squish to get my feet into them.

Another thought occurred to me this weekend while I was walking around in my shoes… the bottom of my dress is tulle. A lot of tulle. And the Elke’s have the diamond broach on them… what if the broach gets caught in the tulle? I can just imagine me tripping on the front of my (grandmother’s dress from 1953!) and falling down the aisle. I’m not sure what would be more horrifying; tripping, or ripping my grandmother’s dress!

So back to zappos.com I went on Monday, and ordered these Nina Electra’s, in a size 8.5. I was hoping the half size larger would mean a little more room for the toes. And no bedazzlement means no potential to trip.

And they arrived in 20 hours!!! Like, were delivered to my office 20 hours after clicking purchase. At Christmas. I love you zappos. And your 365 day return policy.

The only complaint I have with the Electra's is that they're a bit too long. You can see in the photos below that I have some room in the heel. Maybe those little cups things?

Less of a trip hazard.

Less squish.

But dear. Oh dear. Friends, I love both pairs of shoes. How will I ever choose???!!!

I’ll take both pairs with me to DJ’s mom’s over Christmas. She’s doing the alterations on the wedding dress, and we’ll see which shoes suit the dress more!

Did you have a hard time finding shoes for an event? What did you end up going with?


  1. I'm on the hunt for red shoes and its much more difficult than I thought it would be. I had no idea how stupidly picky I was.

    Both of those shoes are gorgeous! That midnight blue is such a rich color. Those will be fun to wear after the wedding too, then you can look down at your feet and think about how you last wore those shoes at your wedding!

  2. Both pairs are super cute! But I know what you mean about squished toes..sometimes the shoes stretch out a bit if you wear them enough? Good luck on your choice!

    (found you from WB, hope you don't mind if I follow? :))

  3. LOVE the colored shoes!!! My tip...COMFORT go with the ones that feel the most comfortable. No one really sees your shoes other than a quick picture. I had shoes with backs on them, which I don't usually wear in the summer and they hurt my feet so bad. I had blisters on my heels. Just a thought to keep in mind!!