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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Colorful Editing and the Newsletter

A few weeks ago I found myself losing sleep over El Weddingo. Something about planning this wedding makes my anxiety level skyrocket. This particular freak out was related to communication, specifically, how to communicate the wedding in my head to everyone helping plan it. And how to delegate tasks in a way that helps people help me. I came up with two answers.

The first was a word document called “Wedding Brainstorming”. I pretty much just wrote out everything I’d thought of in regards to wedding stuff. Then I emailed it to DJ and asked him to edit the document in a different color of ink. Then I emailed it to my mom, who used another color of ink, and then to DJ’s mom, who used yet another color of ink.

It got colorful.

It seemed to work out pretty well. I think at this point we’re all on the same page. And this will help all of us talk about things over Christmas. I’m actually hoping to set up a sort of Wedding Conference call on the Saturday after Christmas with my mom, my sister and DJ’s mom.

The second anxiety reliever sounds so nerdy, but really has helped me focus on what has to get done this month. I finally decided to do a newsletter. So dorky, huh? But it made me feel better! I plan to send them out on the 10th of each month, since we’re getting hitched on the 10th.

The first version was five pages, and included blurbs explaining what the newsletter is, what the overall wedding vision is, where we’re at in terms of wedding planning, this month’s task list and what to think about for next month.

And the good news is that a lot of these items can be crossed off. But whoo boy… there are a lot of remaining items to get done before the next newsletter goes out on January 10!

How did you communicate The Big Wedding Picture to your helpful friends and family? Did you find a good way to delegate tasks?

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  1. I like your newsletter idea, it seems like a great way to keep everyone in the loop! I don't think I'm organized enough to do something like that, lol. I've just been sticking with massive amounts of emailing thus far. :P