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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pamphlet Sneak Peek...

I’m going to go ahead and share our Save the Date Pamphlets with you two weeks before they get mailed. They are not a huge secret, and I’m so excited about how they came out.

And besides, what I’m showing you isn’t the final, final version. That version is at the printers Right. This. Minute. And I’m off to pick up the envelopes from Ro Sham Bo this afternoon. And silver pens for Gretchen to address them with. And labels that we can print our return address on.

Do you know how to print labels? Can you teach me?

It’s like we’re really getting ready to send people the first part of an invitation to our wedding!

So, I’ve talked about the inspiration for for our Save the Date Pamphlets. To recap, we’re getting married in a kind of remote place. A place without a chain hotel, restaurant or even a gas station (no, I’m not kidding). To that end, DJ and I felt it was important to give our guests as much information as we could about the place we are asking them to travel to.

And then the idea for a National Park pamphlet was born.

And then I spend probably 15 hours designing the things in PowerPoint (glutton for punishment?).

And right now, they’re at the printers, being printed on 11 x 17” glossy paper. We’ll do the folding over Christmas. I’ll break down the costs in a later post.

And now, I present to you…. The Save the Date PAMPHLETS!!!

They fold four times lengthwise, then down the middle. They'll get stuffed into envelopes so this is the first page you see.

They get opened, and our names, dates, and contact information is to the right. Yes, I blotted it out for the internets.

Then they fold out, with an area map in the middle, and driving directions from all three roads into the area at the bottom.

We'll have friends and family coming from three directions. South, West and East. Those coming from the south are mostly family, and they know how to get to Harrison!

These fabulous maps were made by my dear friend Alli, who has a master's degree in GIS. Thanks Alli!!!

We used the NPS' design format to lay out the brochure. Users should be able to fold it down to just get to the map size they need.

The back has information about why we chose Harrison, average weather in July, where to stay, where to eat, and things to do in the area. Obviously this version still had some editing to do!

The same design standards apply to the backside. Guests should be able to fold it down to a smaller size to get to the information they need. (Yes, the map of Harrison looks like a boob. It's how the land is formed!)

Information about accomodations and activities.

I added this "stamp" all over the document. I am a little worried that since it's not a standard Save the Date postcard, people might get confused about what the heck we've just sent them. Hopefully this works!

So, all that's left on this project is pickin gup the mailing supplies, folding, addressing, and stuffing envelopes. Sounds like a project for over Christmas!

What do you think, are people not going to "get" our save the date pamphlets? Did anyone else do something different with their paper products?

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  1. Those are phenomenal! I think people will definitely get them, they just won't be like any other piece of wedding literature they've received! I love them, I think that you're going to blow your guests away.