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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Trip

DJ and I have only been together for almost two years, so we’re still in the process of developing a routine for spending the holidays with family. Both of our relations live in Washington State, but unfortunately on opposite sides of the state. They live close enough that we can drive to visit, which is a much nicer alternative than flying during the holidays. They also live close enough that we feel guilty visiting one but not the other; especially when we’re halfway to the other’s house already.

So last year I proposed that we’d drive over and spend Thanksgiving with my family in Colton, and we’d take a week off over Christmas and drive through Colton, see the fam for a few days, and then drive on to Castle Rock and spend Christmas Eve and Day with DJ’s family. It was a good solution, as Thanksgiving with my extended family usually includes “Sausagefest” on the Friday after Turkey Day. My dad’s family makes homemade pork sausage, and the event pulls in as many as 75 extended family members.

DJ participating in Sausagefest '08.

This year, we stayed home for Thanksgiving. Going into the fall we weren’t sure when the house would be done, when we’d be moving, and when we’d need to be available to sign paperwork. It was less stressful to plan on being home, but unfortunately we had to cancel our plans to go to DJ’s mom’s house outside of Tucson. And it was my parent’s year for Christmas.

So I’m writing to you from DJ’s mom’s house, where we’ve been since Saturday evening. We left Bozeman on Friday, stayed in Harrison (and attended the community Christmas Party), got up Saturday and drove to Castle Rock, where we will be until Wednesday morning when we leave for the Colton area. We’ll be in the Colton area from the 23rd through the 28th, when we’ll return to Bozeman.

In case you’re wondering what kind of a trip that looks like, here’s the first leg:

First leg of the roadtrip.

Its 800 miles and 14 hours. And mostly, I don’t mind it. It gives DJ and I time to talk, catch up, plan things. DJ always does all of the driving. I like roadtrips, especially when the roads are clear. And I have a hard time not imagining seeing our families over Christmas. Especially when my grandparents are alive.

There will come a time, however, when this kind of a road trip just won’t happen. Someday in the 5-10 year future we’ll have kids, and although I was a good road trip kid, I’m realistic enough to understand that strapping a squirmy kid or two into a car seat for eight or fourteen hours Just. Ain’t. Happening.

I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to work out a rotation with our families. One year at my parent’s, one year at his parent’s and one year at our house. But man, establishing that tradition will be tough…

Has where to spend the holidays become a discussion point in your house? Do you fly or drive, and do you enjoy it?

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