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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Setting up house: Getting Started

Before digging into setting up the house, I should probably evaluate the furniture we have, huh? I mean, it’d be un-thrifty to re-buy something we already have. And despite a $8,000 tax refund, I still need to be thrifty.

The basic stuff isn’t moving. The queen sized bed stays in the Master Bedroom. The Double bed in the Guest room. The dining room table in the… Dining Room (shock!). But the rest of it is all negotiable.

We have this Mission Style desk that I purchased from Pier One in 2003 for college. It’s huge, and I love it. It will likely end up in the office.

Now you understand why I want to get the office set up this weekend...

We have these book shelves, which although cheapy fake wood, at least match the desk. Another likely contender for the office.

Heh heh heh... it's a bit messy.(OMFG I'm hyperventillating at the lack of organization!)

We have this loveseat, currently residing in Shawna’s office at Bozeman High School. Office. (PS- yes, before we started dating DJ and I happened to buy the same couches. His are green, mine is tan).

We have these chairs, one a straight leg and one a rocking chair, which my Grandma Joyce gave me. They came out of the Parish house in Colton, Washington, and could be recovered easily. They could go together, or be split up. Maybe one in the Master Bedroom? One in the office? One in the entryway as a place to sit while putting on your boots?

Save the Date pamphlets on the chair.

Grandma says recovering them would be easy...

We have these shelves, which match this dresser and book shelf my dad made me as a kid.

 A Mike project.

The dresser fits perfectly into the alcove in the guest bedroom. The wall shelves are currently un-hung. The bookshelf is currently in the Master bedroom, and serves as my drop spot for jewelry since I don’t have a dresser in there. The bookshelf could move out of the Master Bedroom as long as its function was replaced.

Built by my dad. I could replace the drawer pulls...

We’ll buy new bedroom furniature eventually, but it’s not at all a priority right now. We get by with DJ’s dresser, his nightstand, and our closet. The rest can move in and out.

We have this cedar chest, which my grandfather built. It’s finished in a lighter stain. This could go anywhere. Maybe in the entry as a place to sit while putting your shoes on?

Built by Grandpa Bob.
We have this white small table, which my cousin built. It’s currently in use as a nightstand for me, although it’s way too small and short for the task.

Clearly I need more space for water glasses and books, and more water glasses!
We have these bookshelves, which have in the past been in my room as a kid, Gretchen’s room, the playroom, the Bonus Room and are now along the wall in our Dining Room acting as a sort of sideboard/ book display area. They actually work really well in that regard, and I’d like to keep them there until we can purchase an antique sideboard.


We have one extra small table that matches our living room set. There’s not really room for it in the Living Room right now, but it could be used in the Office to perform the same function. Right now it’s in the closet under the stairs serving as the catch spot for gloves, mittens, etc.

Hmm, with all of those moving parts, and all of those different stain colors… where do I start?

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