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Thursday, June 25, 2009

This One's for the Girls

I have a number of really, really awesome friends to be proud of.

My friend Erin just finished her Master’s Degree in Social Work, and about two hours ago accepted a position as an elementary school counselor in Astoria, Oregon (yes, the Goonies was filmed there). I’m so proud of her for pursuing the Masters’ Degree she wanted while still also working 20 hours a week!

I think we were headed to One Shot Charlies...

Alli will also finish her Masters Degree in Geographic Information Systems this August. She’s 100 pages into writing a thesis, and has been going to school while working for the Army Corps of Engineers in Nashville. Although she’ll probably stick around Tennucky for a bit, hopefully the west will call this Colorado girl home soon.

Jen, Alli, Kristin and me in Lexington in the fall of 2006.

My friend Kristin also finished her Masters Degree in December, and works for a car company in Detroit. Although things in Detroit aren’t going swimmingly, she’s figuring out where she wants to be in the long run and contemplating the big move to Denver!

Sarah will finish her Masters Degree in Education this fall. Sarah M’Bera and I grew up together, spending summers boating and riding our bikes to each other’s house. She now lives in Moses Lake, Washington, with her husband Tyler.

God love her, Sarah has always been unable to keep her eyes open in a photo.

I have two friends who own their own business as well.

Kelly is a professional photographer who takes fantastic photos of newborns, as well as senior portraits, engagement sessions and weddings.

Joslyn, and her husband Mark, started a landscaping company in Polson three years ago, and by the sounds of it have as much work as they can handle!

Kelly, me, Kristin and Joslyn at a MSU football game vs. Colorado State in the fall of 2004

These standouts are just a few of the great friends I get to have in my life. From Shawna, with her quick wit, near PhD in Psychology, and adorable dog Ava, to the ladies I work with at Gift Corral.

Its pretty awesome to see the successful people we have become. I'm proud of all of us :)

And I forgot (almost!) to mention my mom and sister. My sister aims to run ESPN one day. Clearly she's a shoe-in.

This is Gretchen. She's kind of a big deal.

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