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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23 Ten on Tuesday

1. After DJ leaves for work promptly at 7:17 am every morning, I usually grab coffee, go back upstairs, crawl under the covers and surf the internet for a half an hour before getting in the shower for work. I'm not a morning person, but I love being up, and home alone in the morning for a little while. Between work and well, work, I rarely get to be home by myself.

2. It was cold last night. I walked outside to check the plants when I got home and I could see my breath. I put a blanket on them for the night. Hey, the peppers are blooming and I don't want to stress them!

3. The peppers also had this weird black discoloration at the stems, right where branches meet. Mold? We've had some pretty wet and rainy weather and maybe they're not getting enough sun? So I moved them out from the house into the patio. Here's hoping for some serious sunshine today! (pepper plant photo)

Dude, what is that? mold?

4. I closed at Gift Corral by myself last night. AHHHH SOOOO NICE to not have to train someone or make small talk for 2 hours! LOVE.

5. While at Gift Corral last night a gentleman from Colorado came in with his service dog, a yellow girl Labrador retriever named Gage. The owner, and the dog, were very fun to talk to. But oh gosh, Gage, Gage the lab! She stole a little spot in my heart! Something inside of me wants a dog so badly right now that I get a little teary eyed at them. We also met Klancie the golden retriever last weekend. Sigh... Although I keep asking DJ if we can get one, I know its not a good idea until we have a house. With a yard. With a fence. Because while I wouldn't mind walking a dog every night, I don't want to do it in the -40 degree weather in February. :::sniff, sniff, but they're so soft:::

I really thought about stealing this dog.

6. DJ's dad and dad's wife arrive tomorrow. It’s the first time in 5 years that Dennis will have been in Bozeman; since before DJ moved into our condo. His dad reminds me a lot of my uncle Paul; both are mechanics for big machinery. It will be nice to have them here (although not staying with us) for a night before they leave on a road trip to Deadwood on Thursday.

7. Which is good because Jen and Ryne arrive later Thursday night after my Preservation Board meeting!

8. I'm hosting the Preservation Board meeting on Thursday at AOII. A number of the members expressed interest in seeing the house, and board member Jane Davidson Klockman's grandparents donated the library!

9. Now I've got to go dust the library so Jane's not mortified at the state of her grandparent's books.

10. Oh yeah, I'm a farmer. In about a week we should have enough snow peas for stir fry and strawberries for shortcake!


The Farm.

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