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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

My dad has had a really rough two years. Since his firing by MSU, he's struggled to create a new, non-coaching, identity for himself. Falling back on his agricultural roots seems obvious enough, and barring some miracle in the coaching world, appears to be where he will remain.

Its tough not to get to be around my parents and Gretchen very often. I miss having them nearby on days like this. But more, I think, I miss grabbing a take-n-bake pizza on a Friday night and spending the evening hanging out in the kitchen with them. I miss, I guess, what could have been if they'd been able to stay in Bozeman.

In the meantime though, they're only a phone call and a text message away. I thought I'd share some photos of dad in the last couple of years:

Dad, his mom and Dave, Aaron and Paul.

Dad, jumping into the water

He always wants to make sure your drink is full.

Especially if you're at the lake and he made margaritas.

He loves his leaf blower.

He's a big biker. Emphasis on big.

Mostly he likes driving his boat.

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