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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9 Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday:
1. I continue to moonlight at Montana Gift Corral, mostly closing the Main Street store at night by myself. I really enjoy being there in the quiet of the night, winding down the day and drinking coffee. But in the past two weeks they’ve had me training new hires to close. I know that it’s necessary for the company, but my job satisfaction has gone WAY down. I hate making small talk and playing the “get to know you” game. I’d really rather close by myself. Selfish, huh?
2. We’ve had some promising clouds, but no actual thunder and lightning storms yet. I’m ready for a real storm!
3. The plants went back into the garage last night, but only after I did some photography. Hopefully DJ will take good care of them while I’m in Butte Wednesday night through Saturday evening.
4. Yes, I’m spending the end of this week in Butte, and really looking forward to it! I’ll be at the Vernacular Architecture Forum geeking out over old buildings. Deal with it!
5. The VAF team made the guidebooks available via PDF on the web… which is awesome, except that it means everyone has to print off their own 200 page guidebook. Sorry City of Bozeman… I printed double sided and in grey, and AB and I are sharing it…
6. I’ve been picking cilantro leaves off of one of my cilantro plants for about two months now. I’d pick them off at the stem, and within a couple of days they’d totally grow back and replenish themselves. When the jalepeno plant DJ tried to grow didn’t sprout, I planted another pot of cilantro, so that when the original one goes I’ll have a backup. I think that’s happening now. The tops of the leaves are getting skinnier and skinnier. Look at the comparison!

7. Every night when I get home I check the snap peas, which have been growing like crazy, and branching out to curl around each other and their support stakes. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I’ve found myself “helping” them wind themselves around stakes and other branches. Duuudeee these things are creepy looking:
8. Clearly I need a little tripod for my camera, huh? (sorry for the blurry photos).
9. DJ and I worked through the scheduling issues with this summer. I’m really excited that over the 4th of July we are going to do a Montana camping road trip! Maybe I can talk him into staying somewhere with a 4th of July street dance or something!
10. I haven’t even thought about what to pack for Butte. I’d make a list while during the quiet time at Gift Corral tonight… oh wait, I have to make small talk for 2.5 hours. Damn. I wish I had the manager authority to send people home when we were slow!!!
Happy Tuesday!