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Monday, June 29, 2009

Baking a Cake

I love to bake. Unfortunately, I also love to eat sweets. Thus, it is best when I can bake something that someone else will eat!

One of our houseguests from last weekend, Jen, has a birthday that is almost exactly six months from Christmas. Since I’m barely a month, I think it is awesome to spread the gift giving out. Dusty totally knocked it out of the park when he randomly brought home cake mix last Wednesday night before Jen and Ryne arrived. I decided to make Jen a birthday cake! I had strawberries too, so I thought I’d top the cake with them…

First, I noticed on the box (yes, it was a Pillsbury mix, I’m not that Betty Crocker) that you could substitute yogurt for oil. Fun! Except we didn’t have any strawberry yogurt left. No worries; the blueberry yogurt substituted nicely.

Next, I poured the batter into two 9 inch round pans and baked. Once they were baked and cooled, I took my Aunt Brenda’s advice and popped them both into the freezer so they’d be easy to remove from the pans.

After they were frozen, I turned the pans upside down and beat on the bottom of them to pop them out. Nice and round cakes!
Next I cut strawberries into thin slices and spread the cream cheese frosting onto one side of one of the cakes. Then I put one layer of strawberries onto it, frosted the bottom of the other cake and put them together. It looks like a strawberry cake Oreo, doesn’t it?

Last, I frosted the whole thing, and used the rest of the strawberries as accents. I’m excited to say it was really, really delicious! Some chocolate ice cream on the side might have been nice too…

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