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Friday, June 19, 2009

Cactus Ass

We have a big weekend coming up; a wedding and houseguests. Right when I publish this DJ and I will leave work for a party out at J & S's property in Three Forks. J coaches the Mighty Mighty Blue Jays Little League team with DJ, and S was a planner in our office until about three years ago. Their housewarming/ landscaping/ barn dance party is a teaser for the big ceremony and reception tomorrow night at the Emerson Cultural Center.

J & S moved a white farm house that once sat at the Manhattan, MT Interstate-90 off ramp, to some property just east of Three Forks that J bought a couple of years ago. They put it on a new foundation and have been retrofitting it for the last nine months. I'm super jealous of their house-move project.

Since both of them are grown ups, and S actually bought a house a couple of years ago, they definitely didn't need stuff as wedding gifts. Instead, they registered for landscaping materials, which might be the coolest thing ever. Today/ tonight's party is a sort of free labor love-offering to them. I plan on planting at least one tree! And I'm excited to see their property for the first time since the November Paintballing/ Cactus-in-the-ass Sunday afternoon out there. Expect a lot of photos (of their house and the wedding, not the Cactus-in-the-ass episode. Which, by the way, how long can cactus pokers stay in your ass skin? I'm pretty certain there is still some in there. And maybe one is infected. TMI. Sorry).

Late tonight, my friend Erin and her boyfriend (and former neighbor across the alley at Kappa Sig) Rich arrive. Erin just finished her Master's degree in Social Work at Eastern Washington, and is in the middle of a massive road trip interviewing for jobs. She's also doing the half triathlon in Bozeman on Sunday. They're not leaving Coeur d'Alene till like 6pm, so they'll be here LATE. I'm thinking in the morning I'll run to the gym early, then have breakfast with them before catching some Mighty Mighty Blue Jays baseball at noon.

The wedding is at 4pm, and will include a lot of friends, co-workers (hmm, maybe rethink that "hot" dress to something more modest...), and other social acquaintances. Sunday, I might run out and watch EWIN! race, and go for a hike with DJ to prepare for the Big-Huge-Hike Alli Ross and I have planned in August. May even tick the remaining to-do's off of the "Do This Before Putting Condo On The Market" list. Hmm... Murphy's oiling a door and banister you say?

Happy Friday!

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