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Monday, June 29, 2009

'Sconie's Visit

Man, what an awesome weekend. My good friend Jen, and her husband Ryne, flew up from Denver to visit us in Bozeman. I’ve been talking up Bozeman to Jen for so long; I hope it lived up to the hype!

After some thunderstorm-related delay/ on time flight drama, they arrived to Bozeman at about 11:30pm on Thursday night. It was the busiest I’ve ever seen it at the Bozeman airport and of course I saw a number of people I knew.

Friday we got up, grabbed breakfast at Bagelworks and ate at Soroptomist Park before walking Main Street. Jen had a garlic bagel that she enjoyed burping up for the rest of the day.

First, we stopped at Vino Pour Tutti, where Jen and Ryne put the skills learned from their recent trip to Napa Valley to use and bought a wine for us to try that night. After that, we stopped in at Gift Corral where Jen kept her family tradition alive by purchasing a Christmas ornament from a place she visited. I also talked the manager into letting us go up on the back deck for a birds eye view of the demolition work of the explosion site.

R-Bar go boom!

After that, we stopped into a lot of stores on Main Street. They bought a couple of National Park Service reproduction posters for their house, which were an awesome find! We also stopped into the Powder Horn, where Jen and I tried on some hats and pretended to ride horses.

I have no idea why this photo will not load to be a landscape instead of portriat orientation, but it is a great photo!

I spared Dusty the horrors of being seen at Plonk, and took Ryne and Jen there for lunch. It was lovely to eat good food and drink sangria at noon!

After continuing the Main Street tour I drove Jen and Ryne around Bozeman to see the sights before going home. Dusty got home about 3:30pm, and from there we headed up to the fabulous Virginia City! We walked around VC, then picnicked in the park before catching a Follies Show.

Someone couldn't wait until the picnic and had to eat some fried chicken early.
Oh the Follies. Inappropriate humor in the form of song and dance.
Although the Follie’s started off slowly, I think the high point of the trip may have been Jen’s trip to the bathroom at intermission. Some dude was exclaiming to his friend how his, um, PARTS got so big. He “put it in the beans!”. Ha ha! Post-Follies, we spent some time playing darts and dancing around in the Pioneer Bar.

Saturday we started slowly and had breakfast at Main Street Overeasy. Dusty worked on that triple bypass he’s been eyeing and ate something with a LOT of gravy… After the gavy fest we drove over the pass to Livingston, and did some walking around. We checked out the free museum in the Depot, which was awesome!
The Depot Train Museum, which is FREE this summer!

After the Depot, we drove down to Chico Hot Springs and played in the pool for a few hours before heading back to Bozeman for a BBQ and more Beverages.

The Murray Hotel, in Livingston. I love their lobby!

Sunday we hiked around Palisade Falls and basically hung around until they had to leave for their flight. Jen and I walked through an open house in our neighborhood, which was fun too. I’m excited to start really looking for a house sometime soon!

He's a jumper. On a log.

Overall, it was absolutely lovely to have Jen and Ryne here. It is so great to have friends that you can not see for a long period of time, but then fall right back into that easy friendship when you do see them. It was fun for them to meet Dusty, and I think all parties got along well. Hopefully we will be able to go visit them in Denver soon!

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