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Sunday, May 15, 2011


A brutal east wind has been buffering Bozeman since Friday afternoon. I'm talking gusts up to 50 mph. It's coming over the Bridger mountains where the remaining snowpack just serves to air-condition the wind. 

Instead of a weekend of gardening and landscaping and bike riding and chuck-it throwing and BBQ hosting, we've been hunkered down in the house. We still hosted a BBQ last night (fun!), but no one could go outside. Gah. Gross. 

I took two Tylenol PM Friday and Saturday night to fall asleep, as the wind surely would have kept me awake. Probably not the brightest idea after 5 mojitos and two glasses of wine on Saturday night, but whatever. I wouldn't have slept without it. I woke up a few times, thinking that the giant north-facing window in our bedroom was going to be blown in.

This is nuts. DJ and I are both pacing inside the house wondering what the heck to do with ourselves today. Read? Going to the gym will only kill a few hours. Go shopping? Meh. Study up for Europe? Finish the last panel of curtains for the kitchen? 

Darn it. This sucks. 

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