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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kitchen beds

See the flower bed outside our kitchen door:

Pretty darn boring, huh? I mean, they're obviously stuff planted in there, but not in big enough clumps to make an impact. From left to right below, Irises, rudebeckia, a flopped over tulip, crocus, daffodil, daylilly, more iris, lavender and more rudebeckia.

Yep, definitely not high impact.

My plan for now is to pull out all of the plants in the middle for relocation. Then purchase and plant two new dwarf bushes while compiling all of the bulbs and other bloomers in the middle (about where the daffodils are now).

But what bushes? Something that offers bloom, preferably. Something that gives great fall color, probably. Maybe another burning bush, which looks like this in the spring (the lime green blob in the middle).

And this in the fall:

Or maybe a dwarf forsythia, which blooms like this in the spring:

And then looks like this in the fall:

But maybe also a small boxwood hedge, with these Korean boxwoods which are hardy to zone 4. They'd add nice winter interest. 
Hmm, damn. Now I want all three. Thus is the problem with shopping online! Time to call the nursery and see if they have these in dwarf species, and how big the dwarf species actually get! 

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