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Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27 Friday Farming

Real quick like, as I've got to get to bed. 

The front flower bed is getting a little raggedy. that large low plant in front is an aster (or crysanthemum?). To the left of it is the burning bush, which never dropped it's leaves last fall. Nor did the leaves turn red their first year. I totally thought it was dead. In front of it is some kind of sedum from Jane. The pokey thing in the back is a alium (more on that in a minute). Also visible are a single red tulip, played out crocuses, irises and pepper pots. 

 Over in the driveway bed, my spring plantings are coming in nicely. I read somewhere that you shouldn't just landscape against your house; you want to create vistas out of your windows too. Thus tulips under aspens.

The plants damaged by last week's east wind are recovering okay.

Raspberries are coming in. I really think it'll be 2-4 years before we get an edible berry from these things. But I'm glad to see foliage on them!

The muscari still shocks me by blooming.

Back out in the front beds, we have daffodils, muscari, tulips and a burning bush in the back. I love the lime green of the burning bush leaves!

And the alium is opening up.

The spinach is adding leaves. I'm not sure what I'll do about this spinach; I get a sens it'll really get going just about the time I plan to tear it out and replace it with peppers. Maybe they'll do okay as a companion plant for a bit?

More tulips, in the power box bed.

The Autumn Joy sedum is probably my favorite new plant. I love the way it looks!

Over in the inside starts, the larkspur is up:

As is a zinnia.

In the back a lilly is up. I only planted one of these, and think I probably need to add a few more.

A lupine seems to be doing well.

I think the leaves of these things are cool.

More Autumn Joy Sedum.

Leaves and bloom buds on the lilac.

I started snipping flowers for inside arrangements. The whole point of planting flowers is to be able to bring them inside!

These tulips were actually snapped off by the east wind last weekend; I snipped them and put them in water and viola! forced bulbs.

Back outside the peas are doing well. Still no sign of the asparagus.

The single remaining broccoli transplant seems to be doing well.

Lettuce is loving the cool weather.

Carrots are up.

More lettuce.

This picture is decieveing. In a fit of nice-weather rage, I planted squashes last weekend! Early, I know, but I couldn't resist. in the column on  the left, from top to bottom is a zucchini, croockneck summer squash, flower seeds (cosmos and marigolds), and a winter squash, then more flowers. Flowers should be interplanted with veggies to attract bees, which polinate the veggies.

On the lower tier I replanted the spaghetti squash, and seeded corn too.

I noted the Gian Sunflowers are up.


So there you have it. I'm a little ahead on a few things. I also popped gladiolus bulbs into the pots I have, thinking I really had no where else to put them! The glad bulbs I put in the ground in mid-April are up, so I look forward to seeing those plants. I've never grown glads before! 

This weekend's rainy forecast doesn't speak much for gardening, and we're not quite past the frost date. In fact, it might snow! So I'll wait one more week before purchasing and planting the last plants: roma tomatoes, early girl tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, jalepeno and banana peppers. 

Hopefully we'll be able to harvest spinach and lettuces from the garden soon!

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