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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shoes for Europe

I've already made a few purchases for our trip to Europe in the fall. As Rick Steves advises, we're planning on traveling light by taking only a carry on suitcase and a personal bag (purse, briefcase, etc.). The lack of huge luggage will increase our mobility. 

I've got a spreadsheet (shut up) going to evaluate what clothes to take for a 17 day trip. We'll be in northern France, then Italy right at the end of the summer, and I anticipate weather to be like it might be in say, Washington DC at that time of year. Warm, but with cooler nights. My priority is to make sure that each dress, skirt, pants, shirt or blouse, etc. can be worn with everything else in the bag, so that I have an endless array of outfits despite taking few clothing items. 

The most important consideration? Which shoes to wear?

We'll be walking around, a LOT. I'd like to have one pair of sandals that I can wear with a dress, one pair of sporty/ casual tennis shoes with excellent arch support, and probably a pair of flip flops for hanging out in. 

I purchased the sandals a month or so ago. Merrell "Lidia" in mahogany (brown). 

I haven't worn them yet, given our snowstorms, but I'll break them in through the summer and hopefully be able to wear them around Europe as my "relief" shoes after a long day on my feet in hot weather. 

But what shoes will be my workhorse for sightseeing? Something I can wear with capris, skirts, and a dress if necessary. Something I can be in my feet in for 8+ hours/ day. 

Maybe the Dansko "Maeve":

I also bought the Dansko "Kate" shoes. I can't find them on zappos, and I worried they'd be sold out before I bought them. I'm not convinced they're The Shoes, but I can return them if necessary. 

Maybe I'll consider these Privo by Clarks "Polar Lake", which definitely leans towards the more sporty shoe?

I've always found the toe-boxes of Keen shoes to be really comfortable, although sometimes the heel is too high and causes blisters. Maybe these Keen "Paradise Ballerina" shoes?

Or these Merell "Plaza Flaunt" shoes?

I think I can see a big Zappos order in my future. Care to recommend any shoes to wear as the workhorse-walking around shoes?

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  1. The Keens and Privos have always been good to my (wide) feet. Hope you have a great trip!