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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Tonight ends one of the best at-home weekends I've had in a long time. 

My dad came up from Pocatello to address some issues with the house my parents still own in Bozeman. He and Harlow played endless games of fetch. And my dad, who's always says he hates dogs, said things like "dog, you're the best," and "Harlow I love you." 

It was beautiful on Saturday; I gardened in shorts and a tank top when it wasn't raining. I transplanted the broccoli and lettuce I'd started inside. 

Yeah, I'm not so sure about the broccoli either. We'll see. 

On the left, 12 Walla Walla onions per square (2 squares), on the right, 4 lettuces per square and below that one broccoli per square. 

I bought and planted onion sets; red onion and Walla Walla onions. MMMMmmmm. 

I made on the fly adjustments to the "Farming 2011" spreadsheet, specifically the part where I don't have as much room as I thought I did. 

I sewed 3/4 of the new curtain panels for the dining room and kitchen. I really like these. Yes, they're cream/ white, but they have a checkerboard pattern so I think that counts as a victory of sorts. Did I mention the fabric was on clearance for $6? And then on sale for another 50% off? I paid $3/ yard for 12 yards of this stuff, and have exactly one foot left over. 
Don't lie. You roll out large stretches of curtain on your floor for measurement too. 

I also found the huge round compass thingy to hang between the windows. No, it's not art. No, it's not red. Yes, I got it at Pier One. But you know what, I'm satisfied (If only the arrows were going in the right direction. Can I hang it upside down to coincide with the true direction? Despite what the compass says, east is to the left in this photo, west is to the right.) 

I also "inherited" three very nice hanging baskets from the former renters of my parent's house. I bought lime green sweet potato vine, pink and purple wave petunias, a purple potato vine and a white lobelia which will hopefully do okay in full sun. They're sitting on the front porch as I type this, but I'll probably transfer them to the garage for the night. 

I'll be taking on gardening the flower bed at my parents house, as they get ready to put it on the market for sale for the fourth summer in a row. I've got a budget of $150 and plans for soil pep and perennials like daylilly, lupine, coneflower, autumn joy sedum, decorative grasses and asters which will add color in the fall. I'll also put in a lot of annuals for instant pop.  

Overall, a very satisfactory weekend. How was yours?

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  1. It is the best when people appreciate our fur kids, especially those we don't expect to. I am very impressed with your excel garden plan - very cool :)