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Monday, June 6, 2011


Man, last weekend rocked.

First there was a quick trip to Anaconda for my friend Ashley's birthday party. Ash was my "little sister" in AOII in college. It always amazes me how quickly I pick back up with any of those girls; and always wonderful to see Ashley. I stayed the night and we went for a quick walk around Anaconda before I left Saturday morning.

Fun history fact: you may have heard of the recent death of Hugette Clark, the mystery heiress to William A. Clark, one of Montana's "Copper Kings". Clark's main rival, when he was building his fortune a century ago, was Marcus Daly, who founded Anaconda as the company town for a smelting mill. History, it's all around you.

I stopped off in Butte on my way back to Bozeman, to quickly browse through the antique stores and see the finished Hennessey Market on East Granite Street in Uptown Butte. Now I know you're going to make fun of me, people who don't "get it" usually do, but I have a big crush on Butte, America..

Saturday afternoon I gardened in the heat, while DJ worked on landscaping stuff. Then we grabbed a quick dinner with Ali Judge, her son Cole and fiancee Jim. Ali, always rail-thin and willowy, looks pretty much exactly the same as she did when she got pregnant. Damn those girls and their lithe, athletic bodies. Good to see them, and meet the little man.

Sunday morning I went for a long bike ride, then showered and walked over to Allyson and Chris' for Allyson's 32nd birthday brunch. The day was capped when 3 year old Aiden Kutnz handed Allyson a larger jewelry case, totally fit for a necklace. Instead, Chris handed Allyson an engagement ring. I'm so genuinely excited for them!

Sunday afternoon was more gardening and generally putzing around in the heat. We ended a beautiful weekend with BBQ'd salmon, red potatoes and chives, bread and a salad. A quick walk and chuck-it playing made Harlow a Very Happy Dog.

Overall, about the best weekend I've had in a long, long time.

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