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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

L'il Courtey's Workshop

 I woke up on Sunday with an itch to do a project. Every time I take on a project DJ nicknames it "L'il Courtey's Workshop." Since DJ flinches every time I haul a paintbrush out, I decided to spin through the antique/ used furniture store I love and see what I could find.

For $39/ apiece, I bought two strips of tin ceiling tile. I've been looking for something to go above the buffet/ bookshelves in our kitchen and decided that once stripped and repainted red, one of these would be perfect.

The paint was already flaking off, so I decided to see how much of the paint I could remove with a pressure washer and a hose. See that tarp? Old shower curtain. I never throw those things away, as they make awesome drop cloths.

The cream paint was over some kind of salmon-y wash.

After about 30 minutes of hosing this thing down, I used a bit of sandpaper to loosen the rest up.

Let 'er dry, and applied Krylon spray paint. Don't mind the overspray on the grass... The only paint ACE had was gloss; I would have prefered satin, but I wasn't going all the way in to Home Depot at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. My version of hell, right there.

The panel stayed out in the garage overnight to finish drying and take the awful smell off. No need to kill more brain cells.

And voila!

I still haven't found candlestick lamps to put on the buffet. Well, I haven't found any I'm willing to pay for yet. But I'm kind of leaning towards not buying any; for some reason the image below looks really cluttered to me. I can't deal with too much clutter.

 Total cost? $39 for the ceiling tiles, $5 for the Krylon, let's estimate $10 for the hour of water I used to hose the paint off. So... $54. Sweet, I'll take that!

Why red? Well here'e the mixer which inspired it all. Our house is pretty dang bland; accessories in a bold color seem to work for me.

I still think the living room end of the space looks boring, but I'm out of ideas (and money) for adding some color. I'd like to get rid of the entertainment cabinet ASAP, and find something else which I could put a vase of flowers on. Alterniateively, I'd like to totally rip out our mantle, build built-in book shelves and a new mantle.

There. I said it. DJ stop freaking out... building bookshelves couldn't be that hard, could it?

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