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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Running between seasons

I can tell that winter must be close to over by my enthusiasm level for going to the gym. About this time every year going to the gym feels like punishment. I want to be outside, even if it is only 35 degrees out. I actually considered dragging my bike into work today for a lunchtime bike ride. I go for a ride at lunch three times a week when the weather is nice enough. But 45 degrees is just a tad too cool still.

I've been running a lot this spring. Well, a lot for me is three times a week. I wouldn't classify myself as a runner though. For me running is the ultimate form of exercise for a procrastinator. It only takes 30 minutes to equivocate what 60 minutes in the gym would do. I can take the dog. It's over quickly, gets results and means I can move on with my day faster. I can just go. 

I can't run every day though. Sometimes I have a morning meeting, sometimes my legs just aren't up for it. So I'll substitute with a walk, preferably with Harlow. Anything to be outside in the fresh air. I get some form of exercise every day, though perhaps less intense than I have in the past.

Like the weather right now, sometimes my exercise quota is intense, sunny, and full of movement . Other days it's quiet, serene and low key. A bit of both seems to do me good.

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