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Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11 Friday Farming

I've got my "Gardening 2011" spreadsheet pretty mapped out. I've laid out the plant, when it should be planted or transplanted, when I can expect germination if seeded, and when harvest should begin. Then below that I've added another line where I'll keep my notes about when these things actually happened. Between blog posts and the spreadsheet, I'll have a pretty good record of how things worked out!

My "Gardening 2011" spreadsheet indicates that I should seed my first set of veggie starts this weekend for transplant into the garden. I will not start many plants inside this year. I learned in 2010 that my south-facing windows don't get strong enough sunlight to really get a plant going, and as the sun climbs higher into the sky by mid-May, the eves of my house start preventing the sunlight from coming in the windows. Since the last frost date is usually about June 1, I had a two week interval where I was schlepping plants outside every morning and back inside every night. Major pain in the arse. 

This year my veggie-starting will be limited to the starts which can be transplanted outside before the last frost. Spinach, broccoli, kale, etc. 

I did get antsy two weekends ago, and started a few items in pots. Poppies in a white pot where they'll hopefully grow through the spring. Allysum in a clay pot where the white flower will pop off the orange pot. Oregano, thyme and rosemary which I'll transplant outside into the herb garden eventually. And cilantro for adding to cooking dishes this spring. Have I mentioned that I LOVE cilantro?
Facing south

Allysum (flower)


Off we go, into Farming 2011! I've got a post lined up for tomorrow about the flowers I plan to have in our landscape this year. 

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