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Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18 Friday Farming

There isn't much to share about my farming today. We're still firmly in the "Waiting for Spring" window. The big news is that my broccoli starts sprouted:

I'm not sure I've ever had home-grown broccoli before! Hopefully these guys do well. 

Many veggie gardeners farmers in Montana have greenhouses or hoop-houses to extend their growing season by weeks or a month (if insulated). Since our gardening plot slopes to the north, I haven't yet thought of how to accomplish this. I'll add a greenhouse to my "someday probably in another house" list. 

We have a set of double doors at work which face south. This solarium-like area allows for the growth of a few tropical plants, like a lemon tree or this hibiscus:

Ooohhhh pretty huh! 

Up this week: figuring out how to terrace the garden next weekend!

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