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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waking up

I've never been a morning person. I've wished I was; I've tried to be with the help of an alarm, but I'm just not. I wake up drowsy and cozy and just wanna stay in bed. Kind of like Harlow when she gets back from summer camp:

Getting out of bed is tougher for me in the winter, when the light is low or non-existent. I realized how impacted I am by low light this morning, when our bedroom filled with light while DJ was in the shower. I woke up... awake, ready and rarin' to go!

This week is filled with late meetings; one every night, and two this weekend. Whew. Since my boss gave me the "quit racking up comp time" lecture in December, I've been making a better effort to try to balance my in-office vs. out-of-office time. It's been nice this week to be home in the mornings while it's light out. Harlow and I went for a run yesterday morning, and today I get to drink coffee, read the state newspapers and blog.

Now if only spring would spring.

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