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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yesterday was my 28th and Harlow's 1st birthday. As a gift to both myself and our pup, I took the day off from work and committed it to true relaxation. This meant no laptop, no internet and no television. 8 hours of silence, book browsing, checking out and reading, and one very long walk in the sunshine with the doggie later, I feel well rested and more prepared to deal with the world. I'm going to try to take a day off like that every few months; it did wonders for my sanity.

Of course, life is all about balance, as Harlow will tell you:

DJ and I had an interesting conversation about work/ life balances last night. We agreed that it'd be awesome if one of us could be home more frequently during the week. I don't mean stay-at-home-wife or house-husband style, but rather that we both worked four 10 hour days a week: Courtney worked Monday through Thursday and DJ worked Tuesday through Friday. That way we both get some quiet time at home to get projects done without feeling like we had do to something with the spouse. It's an interesting idea, even if it was just every other week...

What would I do with my free day? Probably play housewife. Cook, clean, garden, put up produce, read, and generally unwind. Something to think about!

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