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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Honey Love

Harlow went to "summer camp", aka the kennel, last weekend while we were in Moonlight with some friends. She was in good shape when she got home, although she really, really needed a bath. It'd been since early November, when we hosed her down in the front yard. Three months is a long time for someone with such long hair to go unbathed.

We scrubbed her down, and then laughed as she zoomed around, rubbing her face in the carpet to get dry. She's always extra fluffy after a bath.

I wasn't feeling so hot on Sunday night (the last of the bottle flu) so was laying on the couch watching TV. Harlow is not allowed on the furniture; though she'll jump up on the loveseat while we're gone. But as I lay there on Sunday night, I wanted to cuddle. So I hoisted her up, and got some furry, hairy cuddles.
Wait, I'm not allowed up here!

Maybe if I lay down real nice she won't notice.

I am a sleepy dog.

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