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Friday, February 25, 2011

2/25 Friday Farming: wintered over plants

I tried to keep two plants growing from last summer through this winter, mint and basil. I'm not sure I can declare this experiment a success as well... they're alive, but not necessarily thriving. 

The mint was actually purchased at a grocery store for making mojitos. Rather than just pluck the leaves and throw the plant away i put it in a pot to see what happens. Thus far...  not much. 

The basil is one of the starts from last spring. It's currently in a pot that I can never seem to grow anything in, likely due to poor drainage. Regardless, I have two stems of basil that look like this:

Hm. Not exactly thriving.

Both plants have been together in a south-facing windowsill all winter. I haven't given them any fertilizer, as I likely couldn't dilute it enough to not scald them. These two herbs will continue on until it's warm enough to plant them outside for the summer.

I'm not sure if I'll try to overwinter them again next year. My intention was to be able to grab basil and mint to cook with over the winter, but these currently have pretty poor taste.


  1. Courtney, have you seen this post? I don't know if it'll help with your gardening this summer, but it looks simple.

  2. Courtney, see if this post helps with your future gardening.