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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things making me nutty, lately

  1. Frozen windshields... On the INSIDE of the vehicle
  2. Related: Having to wear 38975987016516 layers just to take the dog out to pee. 
  3. Also Related: Wearing 2937984027609867 layers to work, then overheating in my office because it's like a billion degrees.
  4. People who say "after a lot of thought and prayer, I've decided to do X" (which is usually the option that benefits them, personally, the most).
  5.  It seems like everywhere I look on the internet, the author is knocked up. Maybe its just my demographic, but I'm feeling flooded with reproduction stories,
  6. Myself, for being unable to follow through on things. Gah.
  7. Stress eating candy.
  8. Working until 10:15pm, then being too exhausted/ worn out to make it to a 7:30am yoga class this morning. 
  9. Driving on icy roads.
  10. Not being able to bicycle for exercise... for at least another 3 months. 

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