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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sweet dreams

I did it. After much relentless browbeating conversation with DJ, he agreed to let me order a Real Grown Up Bed on Monday.

I've been drooling over this bed from Pottery Barn for over a year now. It's pretty classic. A sleigh without a footboard. High enough to feel big, but not an overly big bed itself. I'm not a super matchy-matchy person; I'd actually prefer furniture that can be used in various rooms throughout the house as needed. But I like that ordering from PB meant we could, someday buy a coordinating dresser if we wanted.

You might remember me whining about our cash-strapped situation right now. Again, we're fine, but we definitely don't have a random $600 + $150 shipping and handling lying around for this bed. We received some generous checks for Christmas, and after I realized that applying those funds to our credit card (wedding expenses, ugh!) really wouldn't impact our ability to pay off said credit card any faster, I harassed DJ into letting us buy something we really needed.

It'll be here in mid-February, as it was on backorder until late January. PB says they deliver to your house, and they bring it to the room you want it in. This was the part that made DJ nervous, so hopefully a month from now I'll have fab photos to share and a good customer service experience to rave about!

I'm still on the hunt for a cheap, cool, functional night stand. And so many other things.

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