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Friday, January 14, 2011


In considering out Europe trip last fall, we're both really excited to visit the Normandy region of France. Intrigued by D-Day, the history, and the chance to have a more authentically French experience, we've both been doing a lot of reading about WWII.

Dusty picked up the DVD set of The Pacific over Christmas. It's the compendium to Band of Brothers, done by HBO a few years ago from the Stephen Ambrose book about Easy Company during the Allied invasion of Europe. The Pacific focuses on a group of Marines invading Guadalcanal, Pavuvu and Peleliu.

Obviously, the stories have penetrated DJ's psyche, as indicated by the following conversation, held yesterday as DJ was headed out the door for lunch:

DJ: "do you realize I saved your life last night?"

CK: "What?"

DJ: "Yeah. Yeah you're lucky I threw that Japanese grenade out of bed before it exploded!"


DJ: "Yeah, I was only kind of awake; I woke up with my fist clenched around something, but I knew that if I got out of bed you'd wake me up. So I patted you, said that I was only getting up to pee, and nonchalantly threw the grenade out into the hallway while I walked to the bathroom. You owe me your life."

CK: "HA, that's so funny! I thought you'd gotten up to pee, for reals, since you gave me the disclaimer!"

DJ: "Yeah, only after I 'threw' the grenade did I realize I'd been clenching my thumb in my fist."

CK: "crying laughing"

DJ: "By the way, that's a really good book."

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