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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Goals

Eleven goals for 2011:
  1. Organize the business end of life. Go through the file cabinet in the office, clean out and shred unnecessary paperwork, make room for DJ's paperwork. Consolidate grad school student loans in order to lock in the ridiculously low interest rates available now, instead of remaining on the variable interest rate for the remaining 7 years I have to pay off these things. Get retirement accounts moved into more aggressive investing, as the recession has to end someday and I should take advantage of the upswing.
  2. Be prepared to have a great time in Europe this fall. This means reading up, studying my map, and packing light, light light.
  3. Pay off the wedding/ credit card. This is an obvious burr in our sides. Seriously, it gives me anxiety. It will happen when we get our tax refund, and not sooner. But that also means not adding additional charges to my credit card. Gah. I hate carrying a credit card balance. 
  4. Continue to improve my gardening skills. I'd really like to can my own salsa, with tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, etc. grown at home.
  5. Evolve my job into what I want it to be.
  6. Be a better dog owner. Training for Harlow, maybe a fence in the back yard, and always pick up the poop. I know... I KNOW. We suck at this. Our version is to just make sure she poops in one of the vacant lots in our neighborhood; we have only about a 50% success rate. 
  7. Blog steadily. I had a few breaks in blogging this year. Specifically, I'd like to do a better job of blogging my gardening, since it's my way of journaling things. 
  8. Ride my bike to work in the summer. Good for me, good for the environment. 
  9. Continue to feather our nest. Tile around the fireplace. Insulation, sheetrock and organization in the garage. Master bedroom furniture, new bed, etc. Getting everything to a point that I'm satisfied with. 
  10. Sew. Either baby quilts for friends having kids, or clothing. 
  11. Continue to expand my exercise horizons. I dabbled in yoga at the end of 2010. I'd like to add cross country skiing to my winter activities. 

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