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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The baby thing

I noted the other day the seeming explosion of pregnant people, both in my life and on the internet. Seriously, every time I turn around someone is knocked up.

I'm 27, soon to be 28. My husband is 32, soon to be 33. We've been married 6 months. We're both healthy, sane and intelligent people. But when it comes to the "when to have the first kid" question, we're both all over the place.

I've been in my job 3.5 years. At times, I love it. Occassionally, I wanna just quit and be a stay at home mommy who can bake cookies and garden.  I'm lucky to have both a mother and mother-in-law who worked outside of the home while having children; neither of whom are pressuring us to have kids.

So I suppose much of the angst I feel about it lately is due to the baby boom going on around me.

I feel good about where we're at right now as a family. Married, with a dog, dual incomes, a mortgage that allows us to travel and save substantial amounts of money for big purchases. Our relationship is solid, the dog is good, and well... I feel like there are a lot of things I want to do before I'm *ready* to have kids. Travel more. Europe. Beach vacation. New vehicles. Mexico. Not spook at spending more than $100 on a new purse. You know, entirely selfish pursuits.

On the other hand, I hear stories of people, like us, who are healthy, having a hard time conceiving. Stories like that worry me. I mean, things happen when they happen, or when you drop the cash on some serious medical intervention. I'd feel... angry at myself, maybe? if we spent too many years selfish and as a result had a hard time getting prego.

So shit. I don't know what the right answer is. And I'm only half of the equation about this Great Big Thing on the horizon.

I do know, though, that we're keeping the goalie until we get back from Europe, at least. I'm not having a baby until I go to Rome, and I'm not walking around Rome needing to pee every hour.

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  1. I totally wasn't ready for a baby at 28. I wasn't ready until we bought a house and I saw my 30th birthday on the horizon. :) There is no need to rush!