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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quiet week

Remind me next year that being in the office around the holidays is ridiculously boring. Sure, I could use the quiet time to get big projects done. To think ahead, and write reports that are due at the end of January. Instead I just cruise the internet and wish we had the expendable cash to buy furniture for our house.

At the very least, I should have taken one day off this week to be home by myself. I have an itch to sew, to clean and to organize our closets and paperwork files. And to hang out with Harlow. I mean seriously:
I'd like to snuggle with my blankie too!

Oh well. Hoarding vacation days for better weather. We're supposed to get some snow today before seeing a high of zero on Friday and a low of -19. Being gub'ment workers, we get Friday off for New Years, so I can do inside house things then.

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