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Thursday, December 30, 2010


I think I have a slight sensory overload disorder. Or maybe I'm normal and all of you like too much stuff, sounds and lights cluttering up your life?

Our Living Room/ Dining Room/ Kitchen is all one big room. It's awesome for entertaining and generally a great layout, but man, if one area of those spaces is messy it ALL looks messy.

I come downstairs and get itchy and anxiety ridden when the mail on the end table, the dining room table and the kitchen bar. Shoes out. Dishes undone or not put away (I HATE a messy/ dirty kitchen. Grosses me out). Three days worth of newspapers strung throughout the space.The TV blaring and every light in the space on, all while we're trying to eat dinner. Not relaxing. Too much... everything!

So you can imagine my discomfort during Christmas when we added holiday clutter decorations. I'm the only one to blame; I put them out! But the dangly balls in the window, the Christmas tree that I always jostled walking by, the groups of Santa figurines in the windows, etc. really just did me in. And seriously; we're MINIMALISTS when it comes to holiday (or any kind of) decorating. We had like four items out and it was too much for me.

I've been itching to put the Christmas decorations away since the 26th.

AND I USED TO LOVE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!! The more the better was my motto when I was 12!

The clutter has pushed me into serious cleaning, organizing and getting-rid-o-shit mode though. On Monday night I reorganized the guest bedroom closet and moved the linens into the dresser. On Wednesday night we put away the Christmas decorations. I also re-arranged the living room, vacuumed and organized the hall closet. On Thursday I organized and cleaned my office so I can start 2011 clean and tidy. And with less shit.

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