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Monday, March 29, 2010

Scratch Scratch Scratch

Pupster had a rough night last night. She woke up yelping every two hours. Our rule is to take her outside every time she yelps, assuming it's a bladder thing. But we'd cut off water at 7 pm to help her (and us) sleep through the night. It'd worked previously too... she's slept through the night probably five times.

So waking up every two hours was pretty weird. She's also been really really itchy; scratching herself all the time. Initially the breeder said it was just scabs from wrestling with her littermates. At her first appointment, the vet said she'd probably had a parasite earlier, and though he could find no live fleas, etc., on her, she had a lot of scabs and welts. The welts have (mostly) gone down, as have the scabs, but she's still scratching herself all the time.

I know she's a dog, but she gets distracted from going after a toy, a treat, and now even sleep because she needs to scratch. And then last night was pretty rough on all of us. Poor pupster. She's got a vet appointment today for another round of vaccinations, so we'll bring up the scratchiness with the vet today.

My suspicion is that it's either the food she's been eating, or the laundry detergent used in her bedding. Anyone else have an itchy golden retriever?

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