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Tuesday, March 9, 2010



That's how Gretchen always refers to our puppy Harlow. Pupeeeeee puppppeeeee puppeeee!

I think its fun to look at the (newest) photos of her, and wonder what her personality is like. I've decided she seems shy. A little reserved and timid maybe?

I just want to cuddle her and tell her it will be all right, we'll have fun together. There will be toys to chew, two people to play with, someone to go on long walks, a nice crate and a nice dog bed. And about a day after you come home with us, Gretchen will be here to roll around on the floor and take naps with you.

Gretchen is a champion nap-taker.

I mean, sheesh, look at those little paws! And the pointy ears! And the whiskers!

Is it Sunday yet?


  1. She is darling, I can only imagine how excited you are :) We will check back for updates!