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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Harlow- 4 weeks

Hi, my name is Courtney and I’m annoying everyone with my incessant chatter about the puppy we’re getting in 12 days.

But I have photos to show too!

Harlow, are you shy? Do you not like having your picture taken (because that could be a bone of contention)?
OMG look at those ears!
I started working on the dog bed duvet last night. I perused JoAnne Fabric looking for a material that wasn’t terribly ugly, would look good in our house, wasn’t too girly (sorry Gretch, no pink glitter), was washable and preferably on sale.
It took a bit to steer away from the dry clean only, $24.99/ yard, or flammable (WTF? I didn’t know they still made flammable!), but I found some material, and started sewing away. I’ll post more about it when I’m done. But man, this dog bed will be HUGE for her for a while!
Channeling my inner Martha Stewart.

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