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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Its a Trap!

After driving 11 hours back from Portland on Sunday, DJ and I both knew he'd do some weird shit at night. I needed to read a little to shut down my brain, so he fell asleep with a sleeping mask on to block the light.

I think I was  bracing for it all night, so when I woke up to him sitting up and standing up in bed I was pretty aware of what was going on.

DJ: "mumble mumble mubmlt arp!"
CK: "What's that honey, what's going on?"
DJ (in his i'm-totally-sleepwalking-so-I-revert-to-my-5-year-old-self-voice): "It's a trap!"
CK: "What's a trap honey? We're home, come back to bed."
DJ: "But... it's a trap!"
CK: "Honey, we're home. We're in Bozeman. Get into bed."

He finally got into bed. I fell back asleep quickly. Then the dog started moaning and whimpering in her sleep. All yowly and not quite awake. I could hear her paws twitching on the carpet.

The next morning we discussed what happened, and he was dreaming that someone set a trap in our bed. Apparently "It's a trap" is a Star Wars phrase?

Monday night was worse. DJ is now reading "D-Day" by Stephen Ambrose, in preparation for our Europe trip. His subconscious sometimes gets things confused though, and last night he drempt we were in a boat off of Normandy, being bombed by Japanese zero planes. After he woke up and calmed down, we chatted about what was going on. Then he asked where we were? Apparently he wasn't actually awake until that point.

And then the dog moaned again and I started laughing.

I wish these two beings would just sleep calmly!

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