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Friday, April 22, 2011

April 22 Friday Farming

We received another 3"  of wet, spring snow last night. The storm rolled into town with lightning and thunder too. It's really pretty crazy to watch a thundersnow storm; the flash of lightning reflects off all of the snowflakes and is really eerie. 

Of course, this means my Friday farming update is pretty much all interior plants. Le sigh.
The broccoli I started in early March is doing exactly what I'd expect broccoli to do in a south facing windowsill in Montana; it's leggy and spindly, and probably a waste of seeds and attention. I don't get enough or strong enough sunlight through my south windows to really start seeds appropriately. Perhaps a grow-light is in my future?


Alyssum (there should be a pot full of this, rather than a single sprout. WTF?




And now for the exciting part. The bibb lettuce, romaine lettuce, broccoli and marigolds I started last weekend are sprouting. I plan to let them grow a bit before being transplanted into the garden about May 8. It'll be a race to see which performs better; the lettuce started inside, or the stuff direct-seeded outside.

Broccoli sprouts: 

Marigold sprouts:

Lettuce sprouts

 Sorry guys, that's a pretty abbreviated Friday farming post. I can tell you that the spring bulbs are still pushing up and all but a few of the perennials planted in 2010 are showing signs of life. The daylillies, a big disappointment last year, have all sent up new spikes. The salvia I bought for $1 on clearance is greening up, as are the daisies, delphinium, bee balm, etc.  

The other good news is taht the 15 day forecast calls for 70 degrees two weeks from tomorrow. I'm holding my breath. 

This weekend's planting? Hollyhock, though I'm not sure where yet, and sunflowers across the back of the garden. 

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