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Friday, April 8, 2011

April 1 Friday Farming

I'm retroactively posting this Friday Farming, as I didn't have time to put together a blog post before we left for a week. I snapped the photos though, and want to keep a weekly record, so I'll upload them. I'll retroactively post the April 8 Friday farming too, for my records.

As I've said before, spring in Montana requires patience and perserverance. I'm not good with either of those qualities, but just muddle through. We were unable to get the garden terraced before leaving for our trip, and thus I wasn't able to put the spinach, carrots and peas into the ground when I wanted to on April 1. It might be as late as April 17 before my seeds go into the ground. That said, the weather report from Bozeman today indicates that we recieved about 8" of wet, sloppy spring snow, which would have only rotted seeds in the ground.

Maybe gardening is all about just letting things run their course and working with the resources you're given?

Anyway, here's how things around the homestead looked the morning before we left:

Crocus, near the front steps, about to pop up and start blooming. Which means more food for the gophers. Last year the gophers ate all the blooms before we were able to enjoy them.

Tulips, in the bed near the power boxes. 

More crocus.

More tulips, in a cluster.

Daffodils in the front bed, to the right of the door.

Chives, wintered over from 2010, in what will become the herb garden on the left side of the driveway.

Bee balm popping up.

Delphinium coming up, out of last year's growth.

Aspen trees, budding.

Hydrangeas, unwrapped from their winter blanket. 

And finally, the garden bed. No sign of even the garlic shoots yet.

I should add quickly that the broccoli I started a few weeks ago indoors is struggling. It's not getting enough light. We'll see what happens.

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