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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I found a bedside table!

Yesterday I stopped by my favorite East Main Street antique/ used furniture store. They have great stuff, usually at prices that I might actually pay. 

I've been on the hunt for a new bedside table for a while. The little white table my cousin built for me in seventh grade shop class just wasn't cutting it, obviously:

I've got a list on my phone of the furniture we need/ want for our house, and the size of the space the piece needs to fit into. So anytime I see something I like and is in my price range I can pounce. 

I needed a bedside table that could keep my books and other miscellaneous junk off of the ground, while not blocking the entrance into the bathroom. It's kind of a tight space.

So when I walked into the used furniture portion of the store, I knew I'd totally scored. It'd never occurred to me to look for a rounded table! After checking the measurements quickly with their tape measure and my list, I purchased this little buddy for $49!

Harlow proves that every picture is better with dog.

The table has a bit of damage on the top, but nothing that can't be sanded out and redone. Someday I'll get around to redoing this table and the chair in the office, which also has water damage but is well-built. 

The table meets my needs for book storage without cluttering up the walkway. The darker wood also matches our new bedframe and the rocking chair in our bedroom.

I told you about the rocking chair I recovered, right? The one where I prove I'm not afraid of pattern?

Okay okay, it's pattern in white. I know it doesn't really count.

You may have also noticed the new cover for Harlow's dog bed, in a gold basket weave at the foot of our bed. Overall, the bedroom is coming together. We still need a new nightstand and dresser in a darker wood. I'm not sure that the great Ansel Adams print above the bed, framed in black, really "fits". I'm also still unsure about the curtains, though the paint has totally grown on me. And the lamps... I've got a plan for those :)

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