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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Still a Sourpuss

I'm unsure if I made it clear in this blog that I didn't really care for wedding planning. I was good at it, I think, because I'm a control freak. I had things planned out, spreadsheeted, photo-prepared, and ready to go. But I didn't enjoy it. Really, really, really didn't enjoy it. Really, really, really glad that's over.

I'd rank myself in the middle of the girlie-to-tomboy spectrum. I wear dresses, a lot (it's cooler in the summer and they look better on my body), but also like football. I'm not afraid to tackle big projects that require power tools, but still like high thread count sheets and having fresh flowers inside.

Yet when it comes to things wedding-related, my give a shit usually ends at locating the bar. I disliked being responsible for an event that so many people put so much pressure on. Irritation set in whenever someone asked me, again, about the details for something that DJ had taken responsiblity for. As I told my friend Alli a few weeks ago, no matter who you delegate to, give orders to, etc., they still come to the girl in the white dress with the questions.

So over a month later, I still get irritated when people ask me (in that singsongy, obnoxious tone of voice) "Heeeeyyyy there Mrs.--------", or "Hey married lady!" or "Isn't life WONDERFUL now that you're MARRIED?!" or "Tell me ALL ABOUT IT!"

Question: when someone asks to hear all about your wedding, are they really interested, or just trying to start conversation?

I dunno. I guess after nearly a year of changes I'm just glad it's done. Thankful that it's over, want to see the pictures, and then don't want to deal with it anymore. Ever. And dread the next one I have to attend.

I'll be the sourpuss in the back making snarky comments.

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