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Monday, August 16, 2010

Explaining the Absence

Hiya. Yeah, it's been pretty bare around here this summer. I got busy with wedding stuff, then just fell out of habit with writing. I need to dip the toe back in though.

I have a lot rolling around in my head lately. Uncertainty about work; both with budget cuts looming and a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction. I find that the more effort I put into my work, the more I get out of it. But lately, it's been like blogging... I'm just not that into it. I keep kicking around potential career paths, and coming back to a idontknow point.

It's been wonderful to be home this summer. Other than the wedding, and a second quick trip to the lake, we've been mostly in and around Bozeman. There was a great camping trip up into the Pioneer Mountains, some flyfishing attempts, and some dog-swimming, but nothing spectacular. It's been great to enjoy Bozeangeles this summer.

Around the house, man, I wish we had five grand to blow. New bedroom furniture, bed, curtains, curtains for the guest room and office, etc. Getting the garage set up, getting a second fridge/ freezer for the beer/ beef in the garage. We keep mentioning all these things we'd like to do, but then come back to the part where we try to be grown ups and pay cash for consumer goods. Hell. Being an adult has it's drawbacks.

Also looking like hell is the vegetable garden. Folks, I can't grow zucchini. What. The. Hell. We're already brainstorming for next summer. Getting a compost bin. Tilling in rotted manure this fall. Raised Beds. Greenhouse? Suffice to say, we've thus far had two tablespoons of chives and a few small onions from the garden. Nuts. The tomatoes in the front of the house are being rock stars though!

It's been fun to play with the new household gifts from our registry. I'm in LOVE with our vacuum. And the mixer. We bake cookies, scones, waffles; basically anything that justifies a mixer use. I also just used gift cards to order a new set of pots and pans. Cuisinart 17 piece set, normally $600 at Macys, and I just bought it for $212 plus free shipping. Hell yes!

We recieved so many lovely gifts. While the veggie garden is kind of a giant FAIL, the flower garden along the sidewalk seems to be doing okay. I love cutting fresh flowers from outside and bringing them into the house to pop them into one of the great vases we recieved as a present. I love having fresh flowers inside, especially sweet peas.

What else? Harlow is doing well. Still packing peanuts between her ears. Getting lankier by the day, and is starting to learn the names of some of her toys. We need to enroll her in puppy class this fall. I have a list a mile long of things to do this fall...

Well, I'll sign off with that. More later this week, with photos too!

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