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Friday, August 20, 2010


I love to read in bed, sometimes late into the night. When I was a kid I'd stay at my grandmother's for a week or two every summer, and would spend my time reading through her stash of paperback romance novels, eating Dole popsicles and reading until midnight in my room or the living room. It was awesome.

Of course, once you're married reading in bed before falling asleep requires a compromise occassionally. Sometimes I turn off the light when I could read longer because DJ can't sleep with the light on. Last night, after a day at work that left my mind rolling around a million other issues, I knew I needed to read late in order to fall asleep quickly.

DJ, being the 7 year old boy man he is, would jolt awake every time I rolled over, moved the covers, or adjusted my pillow in search of a more comfortable reading position. He had a t-shirt over his eyes, to further dampen the reading light, but with my momvement he'd raise halfway up and mumble incoherently "jaber jaber jaber". This happened four or five times.

Finally with the last one, I decided I'd subjected him to enough. I put down my book and snapped off the light. I lay there with my mind racing about work stuff, when the following occoured:

DJ (sits straight up, rips the shirt off of his eyes and uses it to mop up something on the top of the duvet): "mumble mumble mumbe (in an excited tone)"

CK: "DJ it's okay. It's fine. Go back to sleep."

DJ: "But there's cranberry juice EVERYWHERE!"

CK (giggling): "It's okay babe, we'll clean it up in the morning..."

DJ (sighs in a resigned fashion): "No no, I got it all." (gets up and walks into the bathroom)

(DJ gets back into bed)

CK: "What was that about?"
DJ (awake now, and not amused that I'm about to make fun of him): "There was juice everywhere and you wouldn't let me clean it up!"
... fast forward to this morning at 11 am when DJ comes into my office and reminds me of the weird shit he did last night. Apparently he thought there was crabjuice everywhere, and it was going to be stinky. So he took his t-shirt into the bathroom to rinse it out, where he woke up.

That DJ, he keeps me awake at nights.

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