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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yard Prepartations

Have I mentioned my parent’s lake place on Coeur d’Alene yet? Oh, I guess I covered how much we all love it.

Getting married there is pretty so incredibly unbelievably awesome really hard for me to put into words. It means so much for me.

The lake place is, however, a second home. And as such, delayed maintenance between the house and the yard often adds up. We’ve painted the house and done a major water project, but we’ve really just maintained the yard.

The yard where we’re having the cocktail hour for the wedding.

Mom and dad went up to the lake last weekend to start working on the yard and formulate a plan for rehabbing the yard through the spring. The first thing to go is the pond that a previous owner put in. Too high maintenance; and a great breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The hole will be filled in by rocks and dirt, and be a home for native grasses, and other perennials that are low maintenance.

I’m sorry, I just caught on that the grass in Harrison is GREEN. So jealous!

Mom, Dad, thanks for putting some sweat equity into my cocktail hour location. I wish I could have helped (if only for the sunshine and the green grass!). I promise to put my back into it in April!

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