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Monday, February 1, 2010

Invitation Intimidation

One reason I set up the Wedding Digest newsletters to go out on the 10th of the month is because I do well with deadlines. I’m a procrastinator. A specific date to take care of something by is good for me, it motivates me, stresses me out, and generally makes me get shit done.

So how much wedding stuff have I done since January 8th? Not much… at all.

And you know what happens after the 31st? A new month begins. A new month with a 10th of the month. Which is one more month closer to our wedding. February 10th leaves us with just five months left to pull this together.

Yep, I just took a big slurp of wine.

On my mind right now is wedding invitations. You’ve seen our Save the Date Pamphlets, and we’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback about them. I don’t want to let our guest list down on round two of paper stuff!

Our invitation mailer needs to include a lot of information. The actual invitation (duh), a map of Harrison talking about where to park, a RSVP postcard (maybe with Mad-Libs on it?), an invitation to our second reception in September (?), and maybe an invite/ RSVP for the Friday BBQ/ welcome party.

That is a lot of pieces of paper. And I’m struggling with how to keep them organized. And how to make or have them made. And a design set up. I mean… our Save the Dates were so awesome… but how do I carry “National Park Service” across into a suite of all of these things?

And then where do I print them? Or have them printed?

Would it be cheaper and easier, in the end, to outsource this?

And the best part? I’m making Gretchen address these, so we’ve got to at least have the envelopes here by March 14th, when GK and my mom are coming to visit.

Hell. More wine please.

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