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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Malaise

It was a kind of weird weekend. After Friday night’s dinner and retail therapy, Saturday dawned promising. I worked on wedding stuff (mainly the budget) all morning, DJ had coffee with friends. DJ came home, we chatted in the office, I went to the gym, showered and we went to Costco to price out wine and beer for the cocktail hour portion of our wedding.

Saturday night I had dinner with Kelly, Marisa and Joslyn (all AOII’s) at the Rib and Chop House in Livingston, before heading down the Paradise Valley to Chico Hot Springs. The four of us soaked for three hours, drinking margaritas, catching up, discussing everything from weddings to finances. My, how our conversations have evolved since the AOII Multi days! It was great to have girlfriend time though. I seriously needed it!

I spent Sunday at AOII from pretty much 10am until 4pm. Holy moly. Corporation Board meeting (uncomfortable news), ritual (secret squirrel stuff), Founder’s Day brunch (I was starving- apparently I didn' tget the memo that food wasn't until 1pm), and Alumnae Advisory Committee meeting. Yowzer. Good to give back, but I think was either hung over (from two margaritas and a glass of wine? Weak sauce Kramer!), or just plain exhausted. I came home and took a nap.

Which prevented me from falling asleep early, when we got in bed at 8:40 pm to read and sleep. And I about lost my shit at 11:10pm when our neighbor’s “friend”* came rolling in with a diesel pickup, which he idled in the driveway for two hours! I have a weird sound sensitivity. Seriously, I can’t handle needless noise. I like quiet. And I was irate last night; tossing and turning and watching them through the bedroom window and just generally being pissed. Yeah, 6:41 am seemed early today.

DJ spent Saturday night eating Papa Murphy’s, finishing off the whiskey and playing Play Station Baseball. Total dude time! Sunday was more hanging out. Suffice to say, we’re both pretty unimpressed and a little grumpy about our weekend, especially DJ. We’re too cheap right now to spend money for something to do on the weekends. We’re not broke, just waiting for a tax return to come in and generally hesitant to spend lumps of money we can put to better uses, like wedding stuff.

Speaking of, should I be worried that I still can’t get a hold of anyone at the restaurant where we are having our wedding reception? They’re closed for the winter for a major remodel… and I’m getting nervous. I just keep telling myself it’ll work out.

I met with the lady doing the design for our wedding invites this morning. Surprisingly “cheap”! (Meaning, I’m over it. I’m out of creative juice for them).

I guess the only upbeat thing I have to say (geeze! Pick it up Court!) is that Sunday always means new puppy pictures!
I've always teased my sister about being a golden retriever. Gretchen is big (tall), blonde, sheds a lot and falls asleep easily. I told Gretchen that while Harlow would be my puppy, she would always be my first golden retriever. Gretch laughed when I sent her this picture; when Gretch was a kid her observational face was to stare at something with her mouth slighly ajar and her tounge hanging out.
Look at all the wrinkles on her face!

Facial expressions from Zoolander? Model pose?
*We think our neighbors to the west are drug dealers are involved in illicit activities. This is after a friend of theirs tried to credit card his way into our house before Thanksgiving. They have cars coming and going at all times of the day, and people will park a block away and walk over to their house. It’s suspicious. Well, at least they have a source of income and their house won’t go into foreclosure, right?

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