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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We have a hole!

Ha ha that title made you laugh, didn't it? Especially if you know DJ's sense of humor (and yes, apparently it has rubbed off on me!).

The builder called this morning to say that his crew was going to start digging for a foundation on our lot today. When DJ was home for lunch they were weed-wacking the property; they probably weed wacked down the weed my ring was under (how's that for alliteration?).

After that, they found the property pins and used a laser to establish where on the lot the foundation would sit with regards to setbacks and height. The little tripod thingy in the center right of the top picture has a laser on it for this purpose.

I stopped by tonight on my way home to check out the progress. I considered asking Caterpillar Driver if I could ride in the cab while he dug for the foundation, but my better judgment took hold, so I just snapped photos like a crazy lady. I'm sure Caterpillar Driver enjoyed being the center of attention...

Is it just me, or do these machines remind anyone else of a dinosaur?

The asess the scene...

They streeeeettttchhhh out to get their prey (dirt).

They haul their prey towards them...

And when they've got their prey where they want it, they toss it over their shoulder!

Since the site of our engagement was being desecrated to make way for some McMansion... or, er, 1,500 square foot house, I had to take a photo of all of the eventful things that have happened at this house so far. Ohhhh shiney!!

Excuse the hairy knuckles.

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