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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Katie's Bachelorette Party- FOOD

Last Wednesday it was my (and DJ’s!) pleasure to host the dinner for the bachelorette party of my dear friend Katie. We’ve known each other since high school, when she was the first person I sat down next to when I moved to Bozeman High. She’s awesome. We also shared an adventurous summer as camp counselors in New York.

DJ and I love to have people over. We love good food and drink. One of the problematic issues with out condo was that we couldn’t really both be in there doing something at the same time. The work triangles overlapped, and we’d trip over each other and get annoyed. In the redesign of the kitchen for our house I’ve really tried to set up work triangles which do not overlap and are functional for two people.

Anyway, DJ helped me make some delicious food for the party! God forbid I actually have photos of the party itself, or the wedding. I’m waiting for them to appear on facebook…

Ham wrapped asparagus in the bottom right corner, goat cheese and crackers, DJ's home made salsa with chips, and a veggie tray.

Why yes, yes those are chocolate dipped strawberries! And chocolate dipped marshmellows. I had a lot more chocolate than strawberries and couldn't let it go to waste!

DJ made sangria. It was delicious. Don't mind the penis straws in the foreground... it was a bachelorette party!

Bruschetta. DELICIOUS. If you are a frequent guest in my house you will totally see this recipie again!

Katie's sister Kelly brought the decor. Ballons in their wedding colors- which are now in D at work's office as a celebration of him completing the Ridge Run (CRAZY FOOL!).

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